October 2nd, 2004

Show #16

Tippi Toes – Primus
My First X-mas (As A Woman) – The Vandals
The Good Life – Weezer
Santa Claus Is Back In Town – Elvis Presley
Cameage – The Descendents
Stones – Sonic Youth
Show Business – A Tribe Called Quest
It Takes Diff’rent Strokes – Alan Thicke, Gloria Loring, Gene Morford & Linda Harmon
Soulfly – Soulfly
Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show – Neil Diamond
No Hope = No Fear - Soulfly
B Is For Bethlehem – The Promise Ring
Channel Z – The B-52’s
Big Trouble In Little China – The Coupe De Villes
Hallowed Point – Slayer
Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) – Janis Joplin
When The Shit Hits The Fan – Circle Jerks
Tundra/Desert – Modest Mouse
Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man) – The Plugz
Hong Kong Phooey – Sublime
Little Eeefin Annie – Joe Perkins
Who Me? – Buckethead

Featuring: Dustin Wilmes, Beth Carlson & Juston Cline

During this episode of The Five Count we talked to a caller from Sweden about girls with hairy armpits, warned the callers about the dangers of keeping caimans as pets, and Dustin told a story about his new friendship with Al Franken. They could be going steady by next week's show!