October 23rd, 2004

Show #19

Tippi Toes – Primus
She’s Nubs – NOFX
Crackity Jones – The Pixies
In The Engine Room – Mike Watt
D.J.s – Sublime
Underground – Tom Waits
Invisible Time Lines – Frodus
Biotech Is Godzilla – Sepultura
I Can’t Get Behind That – William Shatner & Henry Rollins
I Want To Be A Hulkamaniac – Hulk Hogan And The Wrestling Boot Band
Dancin’ Machine – M.C. Hammer
Rickets – Deftones
She’s Got You – Patsy Cline
Seconds – Le Tigre
Lord Of The Thighs – Aerosmith
Now – Eyedea & Abilities
Slam Dunk – Wrangler Brutes
Home Grown Tomatoes – The Fritts Family
Mister Richard Smoker – Ween
Surprise! You’re Dead! – Faith No More
Velvet Elvis – “Weird Al” Yankovic
Skew It On The Bar-B – Outkast
Morning After – Buzzcocks
She’s Lost Control – Joy Division
Christmas At The Zoo – The Flaming Lips
KooKooKa Fuk-U - !!!
Who Me? – Buckethead

Featuring: Dustin Wilmes & Juston Cline

During this installment of The Five Count we chatted with Imitation-Leatherface, discussed which dumpsters are the best to do your grocery shopping in, and spoke with a bluegrass enthusiast who was campaigning for the Republican Party. God bless George W. Bush!