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The Five Count
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Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Time Event
Show #368
Tippi Toes - Primus
Shake Me - Cinderella
South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way) - Patsy Cline
Decomposing Composers - Monty Python
Jingling Baby - LL Cool J
Bite The Hand That Feeds - The Lifers
Had A Dad - Jane's Addiction
Waste Of Time - The Stains
She Sits Among The Cabbage And The Peas - Saul T. Peter
I Got The... - Labi Siffre
Who Me? - Buckethead

Featuring: Dustin Wilmes & Juston Cline

During this episode of The Five Count we tried our best to welcome students back to college, Ton discussed his mastery in the art of tickling, and we begged LL Cool J to stop releasing love ballads. Sorry, LL. It's for the best.

...The one and only Alex Winter joins us next Saturday! Alex is better known as Bill S. Preston, Esq. from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Until then, be excellent to each other!

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