September 10th, 2011

Show #371

Tippi Toes - Primus
The Last Dragon - Dwight David
7th Heaven - Vanity
Star - Alfie
Fire - Charlene
The Glow - Willie Hutch
Rhythm Of The Night - DeBarge
Upset Stomach - Stevie Wonder
First Time On A Ferris Wheel - Smokey Robinson & Syreet
Peeping Tom - Rockwell
Inside You - Willie Hutch & The Temptations
Tippi Toes - Primus
True Fuschnick - Fu-Schnickens
Aaahh-Ooohh - Fu-Schnickens
Props - Fu-Schnickens
Breakdown - Fu-Schnickens
What’s Up Doc? (Can We Rock) - Fu-Schnickens & Shaquille O'Neal
Who Stole The Pebble - Fu-Schnickens
Ring The Alarm - Fu-Schnickens
Sneakin’ Up On Ya - Fu-Schnickens
Bebo - Fu-Schnickens
Who Me? - Buckethead

Featuring: Dustin Wilmes & Juston Cline

This edition of The Five Count was another two-hour show, filled to the brim with fu! During the first hour we filled our "kung fu" quota with the soundtrack for The Last Dragon. Ton pulled a hamstring while practicing his front kicks and spent most of the show in the bathroom.

The second hour featured an interview with Roderick "Chip Fu" Roachford from the Fu-Schnickens. During the show he discussed his impact on the world of hip hop, how rapping backwards is a skill most emcees don't posses, and his friendship with Shaquille O'Neal. Where did you think the idea for "Shaq Fu" was born?

...Most likely, a single hour of The Five Count returns next Saturday.