November 2nd, 2013

Show #481

Tippi Toes - Primus
Intro/1957 - Buck 65
Rough House Blues - Buck 65
Hot Lunch - Buck 65
Sore - Buck 65
You Know The Science - Buck 65
Driftwood - Buck 65
Dang - Buck 65
Attack Of The Nerds - Buck 65
Obstacle Course - Buck 65
Protest - Buck 65
Mouth Wash - Buck 65
Mudslide - Buck 65
Sounds From The Back Of The Bus - Buck 65
Wicked And Weird - Buck 65
Lipstick - Buck 65
Devil’s Eyes - Buck 65
Rat’s Ass/Customs - Buck 65
Way Back When - Buck 65
Gauze - Buck 65
Memory Is A Parallax - Buck 65
Who Me? - Buckethead

Featuring: Dustin Wilmes & Juston Cline

This installment of The Five Count featured an exclusive interview with rapper Buck 65. Known for critically-acclaimed albums like Square, Synesthesia, and Talkin' Honky Blues, Buck 65 has been releasing albums since the early '90s. He's also known for his association with the TV show Trailer Park Boys. During the show he discussed his thoughts on the underground hip hop scene, explained how a music video of his planted the seeds for Trailer Park Boys, and told us why Minnesota's hip hop scene is one of the best. The Buck stopped here on The Five Count!

During the rest of the show we discussed our favorite animals at the zoo, Ton explained why he doesn't befriend his fans of Facebook, and Dustin told stories about trick or treating on Halloween. He went as Naked Boy!