February 8th, 2014

Show #495

Tippi Toes - Primus
Rusty Cage – Soundgarden
Teethgrinder – Therapy?
Pansy – Paw
Duel – Swervedriver
Kickstand – Soundgarden
Simple Passing – Hammerbox
Last Train To Satansville – Swervedriver
The Bridge – Paw
Auto Surgery – Therapy?
Outshined – Soundgarden
Jessie – Paw
Dinosaur Vacuum – Monster Magnet
Trip – Hammerbox
Superunknown – Soundgarden
Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me - Motorhead
Who Me? - Buckethead

Featuring: Dustin Wilmes, Joe Eggen & Juston Cline

This episode of The Five Count payed homage to the violent, illegal street racing of our youth. During the show we discussed our least favorite Valentine's Day moments, argued over Kit Kat candy bars, received a phone call from Dustin's childhood sweetheart, and played the entire soundtrack to the Playstation game Road Rash. We spent the rest of the night in the slammer!

...Wrestling legends "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff and "Exotic" Adrian Street join us next Saturday!