May 31st, 2014

Show #511

Tippi Toes - Primus
Bled For Days – Static-X
Big Truck – Coal Chamber
This Is Not – Static-X
Sweat Of The Bud – Static-X
I Dreamed I Died – DevilDriver
Wisconsin Death Trip – Static-X
Push It – Static-X
Get To The Gone – Static-X
I Am – Static-X
I’m With Stupid – Static-X
Black And White – Static-X
Behind The Wall Of Sleep – Static-X
Loco – Coal Chamber
Devil’s Son – DevilDriver
Shock The Monkey – Coal Chamber & Ozzy Osbourne
Sway – Coal Chamber
Swinging The Dead – DevilDriver
Who Me? - Buckethead

Featuring: Dustin Wilmes & Juston Cline

This edition of The Five Count featured exclusive interviews with two heavy metal heavyweights. First up, we were joined by Wayne Static. Wayne is best known as the founder, guitarist, and vocalist for the band Static-X. Known for songs like Push It, Black And White, and Bled For Days, Static-X also created the "Evil Disco" music genre. During the show he discussed how "Evil Disco" was created, the trials and tribulations of Static-X, and his recent collaborations with guys like DMC and Bobby Brown. It was enough metal to make Satan blush!

We were also joined by Dez Fafara. Dez is best known as the founder and singer for the band Coal Chamber. In addition to that, he's also the founder and singer for the band DevilDriver. During the show he discussed his early days in the metal scene, his relationship with Ozzy Osbourne, and how he manages to front Coal Chamber and DevilDriver at the same time. We also gave away tickets to see Devildriver live in Minneapolis. Rock!

...We'll be back next Saturday with more nonsense!