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The Five Count
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Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

Time Event
Show #520
Tippi Toes - Primus
Bustin’ Out (On Funk) – Rick James
Big Time – Rick James
You And I – Rick James
U Bring The Freak Out – Rick James
Give It To Me Baby (12” Version) – Rick James
Love Gun – Rick James
Cold Blooded – Rick James
We Come Running – Youngblood Hawke
Sleeping At Night – Caught A Ghost
Super Freak (12” Version) – Rick James
Mary Jane – Rick James
69 Times – Rick James
Who Me? - Buckethead

Featuring: Dustin Wilmes & Juston Cline

This edition of The Five Count featured a tribute to the late, great Rick James! August 6, 2014 marks the 10-year anniversary of his death, so The Five Count spent the show bustin' out on the funk. During the show we also discussed our frustrations with traffic cops at Minnesota Vikings training camp, received an overwhelming outcry from listeners over their dislike of Rick Springfield, and gave away tickets to see Youngblood Hawke and Caught A Ghost at The Triple Rock Social Club. Feel free to continue the Rick James celebration throughout the rest of the year!

...OK Go's Tim Nordwind joins us next Saturday!

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