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The Five Count
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Saturday, September 16th, 2017

Time Event
Show #683
Tippi Toes – Primus
Tippi Toes – Primus
It's A Nice Place To Live (But I Wouldn't Want To Visit) – J-Rock & Hulk Hogan
In The Basement – Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto
Dark Sky Demo – Themselves
16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six – Tom Waits
Shaggy Brown – Mark Wilmes
Go – Pearl Jam
Knight Rider Theme – Don Peake
Mrs. Robinson – Simon & Garfunkel
Boy Meets World Theme – Ray Colcord
Theme From St. Elsewhere – Dave Grusin
A Knightrider Christmas – KITT The Amazing Car Of Tomorrow
Bodak Yello – Cardi B
CUBErt – System Of A Down
Con Sordino – Deerhoof
Only The Lonely – Roy Orbison
Ricki Lake – Charles Bronson
Twilight Zone – Golden Earring
Who Me? – Buckethead

Featuring: Dustin Wilmes & Juston Cline

This episode of The Five Count featured an exclusive interview with actor William Daniels. William is best known as the voice of “KITT” on the show Knight Rider and for the role of “Mr. Feeny” on the show Boy Meets World. He’s also appeared on TV shows like St. Elsewhere, Grey’s Anatomy, Girl Meets World, and films like The Graduate and 1776. During the show he discussed his favorite roles over the years, acting with his wife Bonnie Bartlett, and his new book “There I Go Again: How I Came to Be Mr. Feeny, John Adams, Dr. Craig, KITT, and Many Others.” Class dismissed!

During the rest of the show we discussed the various job prospects for unemployed clowns, argued about which year we would visit if we had a time machine, and decided which "Coed Naked" shirts were our favorites. Ton lost interest in the show halfway through when he started watching the Canelo vs. GGG fight.

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