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Dustin Wilmes

Show #755

Tippi Toes – Primus
Give Me The Night – Dusty Springfield
Get Crazy – Sparks
Truck Turner – Isaac Hayes
Rock ‘N’ Roll High School – P.J. Soles
Gremlins… Mega Madness – Michael Sembello
Goosebumps – Danny Elfman
Shocker – The Dudes Of Wrath
The Warm Side Of The Door – Morgan Ames
Too Bad You’re Crazy – Jerry Whitman
Fall Break – Peter Yellen and The Breakers
TerrorVision – The Fibonaccis
Sleepaway – John Altyn
Nightmare – 213
Goin’ To A Showdown – Don Armando's 2nd Ave Rhumba Band
The Toxic Avenger Part II Theme – Scott Casey
Who Me? – Buckethead

Featuring: Dustin Wilmes & Juston Cline

This episode of The Five Count featured exclusive interviews with two terrifying authors. First we were joined by renowned author R.L. Stine. Known as the “Stephen King” of children’s literature, R.L. Stine is best known as the creator of the children’s horror novel series Goosebumps. He also creator of the horror novels Fear Street, Mostly Ghostly, and The Nightmare Room. During the show he discussed the legacy of Goosebumps, his days working on the TV show Eureeka’s Castle, and the release of the new movie Goosebumps 2. Watch it, if you dare!

Next we were joined by author Michael Gingold. Michael is best known as the longtime editor of Fangoria magazine. He’s also contributed to many other publications including Rue Morgue magazine, The Motion Picture Guide, and The Blockbuster Video Guide. During the show he discussed how he became interested in horror films, appearing in films like Troma’s War and The Toxic Avenger Part II & III, and his new book Ad Nauseam: Newsprint Nightmares from the 1980s. Get your copy today!

During the rest of the show we wore matching polo shirts, discussed out favorite movies about football, and paid tribute to actor Dick Miller. He was definitely one of the greatest actors to ever live!
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