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Dustin Wilmes

Show #807

Tippi Toes – Primus
Limitless – Keith Lee & CFO$
Evil Of The Sky – CFO$
Elbows From Heaven – The Slobberknockers
Hey Bro – CFO$
R-A-S-S-L-I-N’ – Glen Goza
Catch Us If You Can –  The Dave Clark Five
Any Way You Want It – The Dave Clark Five
Can't You See That She's Mine – The Dave Clark Five
Over And Over – The Dave Clark Five
You Got What It Takes – The Dave Clark Five
Bits And Pieces – The Dave Clark Five
Try Too Hard – The Dave Clark Five
Because – The Dave Clark Five
Glad All Over – The Dave Clark Five
I’m So Worried – Monty Python
The Wise Men At The Manger – Monty Python
Muddy Knees – Monty Python
Salvation Fuzz – Monty Python
Here Comes Another One – Monty Python
The Hermit – Monty Python
Traffic Lights – Monty Python
Nudge Nudge – Monty Python
I’m (Still) So Worried – Monty Python
Who Me? – Buckethead

Featuring: Dustin Wilmes & Juston Cline

This edition of The Five Count featured an exclusive interview with Dave Clark. Dave is best known as the founder and drummer for The Dave Clark Five. Known for hits like Glad All Over, Over and Over and Catch Us If You Can, Dave Clark is also a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. During the show he discussed the incredible success of The Dave Clark Five in their early days, his relationship in the 1960s with The Beatles, and the new Dave Clark Five album All the Hits. Get your copy now!

During the rest of the show we paid tribute to Monty Python’s Terry Jones, discussed which ‘80s cartoons deserved more episodes, Dustin tried to defend being a Kansas City Chiefs fan in today’s society, and we gave away tickets to WWE Presents NXT Live! on Feb. 23 at Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul. The Five Count never ceases to amaze you!

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