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Dustin Wilmes

Show #829

Tippi Toes – Primus
One Vision – Queen
Iron Eagle (Never Say Die) – King Kobra
These Are The Good Times – Eric Martin
Maniac House – Katrina & The Waves
Intense – George Clinton
Hide In The Rainbow – Dio
It’s Too Late – Helix
Road Of The Gypsy – Adrenalin
Love Can Make You Cry – Urgent
This Raging Fire – Jon Butcher Axis
Italy: Italy Inno Di Mameli – Dick Whittinghill & Salvador “Tutti” Camarata
Mexico: Himno Nacional Mexicano – Dick Whittinghill & Salvador “Tutti” Camarata
France: The Marseillaise – Dick Whittinghill & Salvador “Tutti” Camarata
Greece: Never Shall I Fail To Know Thee – Dick Whittinghill & Salvador “Tutti” Camarata
Netherlands: Wilhelmus Van Nassouwen – Dick Whittinghill & Salvador “Tutti” Camarata
Australia: Advance, Australia Fair – Dick Whittinghill & Salvador “Tutti” Camarata
Russia: Anthem Of The Soviet UnionDick Whittinghill & Salvador “Tutti” Camarata
United Kingdom: God Save The Queen – Dick Whittinghill & Salvador “Tutti” Camarata
Canada: O CanadaDick Whittinghill & Salvador “Tutti” Camarata
United States: The Star-Spangled Banner – Dick Whittinghill & Salvador “Tutti” Camarata
Who Me? – Buckethead

Featuring: Dustin Wilmes & Juston Cline

We celebrated Independence Day during this episode of The Five Count! During the show we discussed why people need to wear masks in public, explained the scam of selling ceramic bald eagles to everyone’s mom in the ‘80s, learned about the national anthems of other countries, played the entire soundtrack to the film Iron Eagle, and payed our respects to longtime Five Count listener David Stegora. R.I.P. buddy!

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