Dustin Wilmes (_thefivecount_) wrote in thefivecount,
Dustin Wilmes

Show #842

Tippi Toes – Primus
99 Ways To Die – Megadeth
Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good! – Megadeth
Dread And The Fugitive Mind – Megadeth
Wake Up Dead – Megadeth
Victory – Megadeth
The Disintegrators – Megadeth
Skin O’ My Teeth – Megadeth
Holy Wars… The Punishment Due – Megadeth
Hangar 18 – Megadeth
Take No Prisoners – Megadeth
Five Magics – Megadeth
Poison Was The Cure – Megadeth
Lucretia – Megadeth
Tornado Of Souls – Megadeth
Dawn Patrol – Megadeth
Rust In Peace… Polaris – Megadeth
Who Me? – Buckethead

Featuring: Dustin Wilmes & Juston Cline

This installment of The Five Count featured an exclusive interview with musician Dave Mustaine. Dave is best known as the singer, guitarist and founder of the band Megadeth. Known as one of the “big four” of American trash metal bands, Megadeth has sold nearly 40 million albums worldwide. During the show he discussed recording the upcoming Megadeth album, how former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman almost wound up playing with Madonna, and his new book “Rust in Peace: The Inside Story of the Megadeth Masterpiece.” Get your copy now!

During the rest of the show we discussed which U.S. President would best be portrayed by actor G.W. Bailey, Dustin accused Ton of standing him up at the Dairy Queen, and we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Megadeth’s Rust in Peace album. We took no prisoners!
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