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The Five Count


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The Five Count
The Five Count is a radio show in Mankato, Minnesota. The show is broadcast Saturdays at 11 p.m. Central. The show is hosted by Dustin Wilmes and Juston "Ton" Cline and also features random phone calls from the listeners. Feel free to call the show toll-free at 1-800-456-7810.

You can hear The Five Count at:
» KMSU 89.7 FM-Mankato, MN
» KMSK 91.3 FM-Austin, MN
» 91.9 FM Fairmont, MN
» 91.9 FM Albert Lea, MN
» Online @ kmsu.org

The Five Count has been running live on Saturday nights since June 2004. The show is unscripted and unrehearsed, with a blend of humor and music that you won't find anywhere else in Mankato's radio market. In addition, The Five Count also features celebrity interviews and performances from The Five Count House Band. The Five Count was also dubbed "Funniest Local Radio Program" by Centered Magazine of Mankato.

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